Transcend your limitations


February 1st of last year marked a new beginning for me and this reading from a book of daily meditation was so poignant and inspiring for me. I have kept its message in my heart over the past year and it moves me every time I read it.


Transcend your limitations

You’re free now, free to take the journey of a lifetime. Free to experience life, in its newness, its freshness, its magic-in a new way you never have before.

The only limitations on you are the ones you’ve placed on yourself. Your prison has been of your own making. Don’t blame or chastise yourself. Life has created certain challenges for you. But the purpose hasn’t been to imprison you. The purpose has been to set you free, to provide you with lessons, experiences, circumstances that would trigger growth and healing. Life has been provoking, promoting, urging you to grow, stretch, learn, heal. Life has been trying to break you out of your prison.

Set yourself free. Let yourself go on a journey of love. Take notes. Be present. Experience. Learn. Love and laugh, and cry when you need to. Rest when you’re tired. Take a flashlight to help you in the dark. But most of all, take yourself and go.

Go on your journey of joy.

From Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie

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