How about a round of applause for yourself

SophiaGraceIf you’ve ever seen Sophia Grace and Rosie on the Ellen DeGeneres show, then you know what it looks like when someone is having fun. These two young British girls, who always wear pink princess dresses, are on the show regularly to sing songs and just be their adorable selves. I recently caught them singing on Ellen and when they finished they were jumping up and down and clapping for themselves. Sophia Grace then exclaimed “That was so good!! I love that SO MUCH! That was really good!!” I love this because she is shamelessly proud and excited about her performance. Sophia Grace is taking the time to pat herself on the back and savor the joy she just experienced.

However, it got me thinking how it would look if Rihanna reacted this way after she sang a song. It probably wouldn’t come off so well…As adults, we’re required to be humble and cool about things but I think that we need make sure that we don’t lose that inner enthusiasm for ourselves. The little voice inside that says, “wow, that was a blast and good for me for being brave and having so much fun!” It may not be appropriate to jump up and down in every context but what about giving ourselves a round of applause on the inside? And, then, whenever we’re alone or in a context that may be more appropriate we can just go for it. Jump up and down, cheer, cry or do whatever else feels good and celebratory! I’m making a promise to myself to show myself a full blown round of applause a little more often.

What do you think? How do you savor the moment (big and small) and celebrate yourself?

Click here to check out Sophia Grace and Rosie

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