Shameless is back in action!

1669672_285554028268514_2094545939_oHello beautiful people of Shameless Inspiration! It has been two years and I’m proud and excited to announce that Shameless is back in action. My first order of business is to bring you GratiTUBE. Back in 2014, with the help of my talented and shameless friends, Shameless Inspiration hit the streets of New York and Boston to see what people are grateful for and how they show it to those around them. I never posted the videos. If I’m being honest with myself, I was worried about what people would think. I convinced myself that “it just wasn’t ready yet” but it was and is ready. It has always been ready and I would like to renew my commitment, right here and now, to letting go of looking good in service of contributing to the growth of others. I promise to never hold back on sharing something that could have a positive impact on our community. So, without further ado, please check out the first installation of GratiTUBE.


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