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1669672_285554028268514_2094545939_oShameless Inspiration is all about creating a community where we can support each other on our journey to cultivate self-compassion and shamelessness. One way to do this is by sharing affirmations/mantras on the “I am” page and I’d also like to open up the opportunity to contribute your personal stories.

1. Identify a specific life experience/story and ask yourself: What did I learn? How did this effect/illustrate my relationship to shame and self-compassion? Please tie it all together by summarizing your insights and what individuals experiencing similar difficulties might glean from your story. Take a look at my posts to get a sense of what I’m looking for or feel free to contact me with questions.

2. Keep in mind that the Shameless inspiration audience is diverse. Shameless deals with self-compassion and shame which every human experiences. Please do not submit posts that discuss religion, gender, self-improvement, political ideology or other perspectives that might limit the accessibility of your post.

3. Please send a little bio telling us about yourself that will go at the bottom of the page. A picture too please.

4. I may suggest edits to your post so you must be open to revisions.

5. Your submission must be completely original writing that has not been published anywhere for any reason. Online or otherwise.

6. Email your submission to

7. Thanks for taking the time to grow and share on Shameless Inspiration.

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