Rock that enthusiasm!

happinessdependsuponourselvesToday is the UN International Day of Happiness! In honor of the event, I wanted to talk about unbridled enthusiasm. Have you ever dared to show enthusiasm for an idea, an event or just for a moment of life and found that the people around seem annoyed or say things like “simmer down” or “whoah, ok, we get it.” What’s wrong with being excited? For example, I was at the Apple store one day hoping to get my computer fixed and when I was successful I jumped in the air and then went to hug my friend. I could see immediately that he was embarrassed by me and encouraged me to relax. In truth, I’ve been guilty of judging enthusiastic people at times. For example, a taxi cab passed me on the street with three kids taking pictures and singing Vitamin C’s Graduation song. I cannot deny that I felt a whole bunch of negativity and judgment toward this display but then I remind myself that I’m losing out when I react this way. Another common situation is having an idea for an event or an activity that others may doubt or think is silly, which may leave you sad, hurt, defeated and so on…In the past, I’ve let people trample on my enthusiasm but I try hard not to take people’s responses too personally anymore. It’s hard to know where their feelings from and either way it’s about them not me. I remind myself that this is my moment to enjoy and I am to blame if I let anyone take it away from me. I won’t let other people cause me to dampen my joy and make me feel “too big or loud.”

We are worthy of joy and deserve to take up space and express ourselves!  So don’t be afraid to celebrate the Day of Happiness with some unbridled enthusiasm.

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