Going shameless…


Welcome to Shameless Inspiration! The word shame comes from the Latin word “to cover,” while inspiration literally means “to breathe life into; the drawing in of breath; to be filled with exalting emotion and drive.” Put them together and you have shameless inspiration, which I envision as uncovering my truth with each breath.

My goal every day is to become more open and accepting of myself and others. The mission of Shameless Inspiration is to celebrate pushing the limits of vulnerability as often as we can. I decided to start this blog because I wanted a place to collect and share my experiences and to honor those individuals and ideas that help me along the way. I am constantly finding and creating new ways to lean into discomfort when it arises and to live more joyfully and compassionately. So I push myself into terrifying and challenging environments as often as possible! I have studied jazz, clowning, Shakespeare, Butoh and so much more in an effort to put my shame and fear aside and to learn to live fully and courageously. I would like to share the experiences and inspirations that keep me motivated and I hope that you will share yours too.

If vulnerability is about showing up and letting ourselves be seen, then this blog is about immersing myself in the light, the people I meet there and encouraging you to join us!

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2 Responses to Going shameless…

  1. Christine Pimentel says:

    Love what you’re doing Lily! Thanks for the Marc video….he is amazing and I connected with his humour! I would like to stay connected to your blog, but me and technology are not always the best of friends, so I’ve entered my e-mail and name. Hope that is enough to be able to “follow” you! As always, Love, Light and Laughter to my Hoffmate-sister! Cheers!

  2. Bill here. I am stunned to silence by your brilliance! Vulnerability is lowering my shield, my wall. Spent my whole adult life hiding behind pseudo-intellect, bluster, anger, like Oz. Process pulled done the wall/curtain, and I have felt both exposed and relieved. My fear of vulnerability is slowly being transformed into Love – love for me as a unique part of the Fathomless Matrix of God/Source; love for everyone and everything as an expression of Divine Creation; humility, joy, harmony and peace in the rising/ascending awareness of our experience of the eternal Now in this time box of physical incarnation. It is like a dream that we think we will awake from. It is an illusion we create to experience and to learn.
    Please keep sharing your experiences. I will too. ❤

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